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Who we are

Friends of Kona is run by the husband and wife team of Alex Goge and Christa Stramella. Alex and Christa live in Howard County, MD with their daughter Frankie Jean, and their dog Kona. 


Kona has been around for nearly 10 years, and as you can probably imagine, she has had a tremendous impact on their lives. Through many trips across the country to their former home (Colorado), Kona has been a faithful and constant companion. 


Kona is a reactive dog and has taught Alex and Christa an infinite number of lessons about the compassion and grace that certain rescue dogs might need. Above all else, Kona is the mark of devotion and love. She is the inspiration behind the mission to help more dogs like her get the resources, training and structure they need to become wildly successful adoption stories like her.

Alex and Christa are focused on helping more dogs like her, creating fun in the community, and connecting inspiring people together. 

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